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Barretta grigia - Bioparco di Sicilia

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Barretta grigia - Bioparco di Sicilia

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Bioparco di Sicilia

L'ingresso del Bioparco di Sicilia a Carini (Palermo)With the growing interest of people toward environmental problems, it becomes more and more important to explain the value of ecosystem and the necessity of preserving biological diversity. A new conception of zoo as “conservation centre” is very different from the old idea of “living museum” as a collecting place with the mere purpose to display exotic animals coming from the whole world without a global strategy. Bioparco di Sicilia is constantly growing in this sense. It complies with the laws which regulate the keeping of animals in modern zoological gardens. In order to pursue these objectives Bioparco di Sicilia is today an active center of:

  • education, through accurate information, identification labels, educational workshops and guided tours;
  • conservation, through high standards of care of each species in the zoological garden, and by taking part in in situ and ex situ conservation programmes;
  • research, through the cooperation with scientific organizations and universities.

In order to strengthen its role in the conservation of biodiversity and to protect endangered species, Bioparco di Sicilia takes part in training programs with other zoological gardens and institutions including exchanging information on conservation, breeding ex situ and on repopulation and reintroduction of the species into their natural environment.
Bioparco di Sicilia promotes educational programs in order to sensitize tourists and students in subject of conservation of the biodiversity. They provide information on the exposed species, on their natural habitats, and on the possibilities or plans for their reintroduction into nature.
This facility also renews and enriches the genetic pool of animal populations housed ex situ through plains of exchange and loans for their reproduction, excluding any practice of genetic modification. Bioparco di Sicilia also takes part in scientific researches. The animals housed for research are kept in enclosures that meet their biological needs and guarantee their comfort. These animals have regular veterinary care and preventative medications are given to keep the animals healthy. The care of the animals is a top priority.

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Address: via A. Vespucci, 420

City: 90044 Carini (PA) - Sicily - Italy

Phone number: +39 091 8676811

Fax number: +39 091 8674240

Mobile number: +39 3485802334

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